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First night of Buzzcocks filming!

In case you missed Phill Jupitus' Twitter update. OMGSQUEE!

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I'm so excited!!!
this show makes my life haha. do you know when the episodes are supposed to start airing?
ps-matching icons! xD
It doesn't look like they've announced broadcast dates yet.
АААААААА!!! Glorious glorious greatness!!
Indeed. And icon love. I just rewatched that one last night!
I know, that's one of my favorite episodes!
Hee heee.

Y'know, I was thinking about this last night. I wondered if the show is better with Noel because I fangirl him, or because of what he brings to the show in terms of changing the dynamic and his own brand of humor. So I rewatched a few eps from series 19 and 20 and decided it's both. Noel said in a recent interview that the vibe is different without Amstell because guests feel they can let their guard down more and open up, making the interactions funnier. But having rewatched this particular episode where he appeared for the first time, it struck me how disarming he is. How his kind of humor disarms and enchants and he even mellowed out the punk guy whilst simultaneously mocking him because it was done in a sweet way. He doesn't fold under Amstell, doesn't try to dominate, but his brand of humor and general personality simply add to the mix.

Ok, sorry, just getting excited. Forgive!
My summary will be - yes you're a HUGE Noel's fan )))))

As a matter of fact, my dream - to have both of them ( Simon and Noel) in the Buzzcocks. Cause they are like two poles of a battery! Sharp and sarcastic Amstell and charmingly nice, subtle Fielding - i think that's an ultimate combination!!))

P.S. do forgive my mistakes - me and english grammar exist in different dimansions )
:gigglesnort: HUGE Noel fan. So that's your diagnosis, then?

The Amstell-less episodes with Noel were good, but a couple of them definitely highlighted for me how his energy could be a positive thing even if a caustic one. They do play well off one another. But Noel can pull off an edge when he needs to. So can Phill Jupitus. They just choose to use their powers for good rather than evil! LOL.
ENORMOUS one ) yep

And Amstell is just an evil genious? Ruining everyone's day with his cruelness and intolerance...He can't resist to use his power to let people down, such a villain ))

Just recalled how Noel was explaining what mean to spoon someone )))) That was the cutiest moments ever !

IKR? How is it possible that Bill Bailey didn't know what spooning was? I don't even think he was kidding about that. But Noel's explanation was adorable. So full of glee.
Your icon explains it even better)
Thank goodness he's back to dark hair!
Yah, it's been that way for months now.

Dark hair + eyeliner Noel + Buzzcocks = GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD.
Wait, is there a new Simon yet? Sorry, I'm an American living in Paris, so I don't really get much Buzzcocks news from anyone...
No, they are going to have guest hosts again. The list includes Mark Ronson, Catherine Tate, Josh Groban and Tim Minchin.
I'm terribly excited.