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Another Buzzcocks Pic!

Looks like they're having a blast in the studio.

(From Phill Jupitus' Twitter)

Hey, did I mention this one also showed up online?

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Looks like someone went shopping. Or he raided a friend's wardrobe.


September 23 2010, 15:54:45 UTC 6 years ago Edited:  September 23 2010, 15:55:24 UTC

LOL. I'm almost ashamed to admit I recognize that purple velour jumper. He wore it to a gig recently, and I saw this pic on the Velvet Onion website.

Click here for the pic (sorry 'bout that, it's a lot larger than I thought).
You are correct! I had forgotten that.

I know, I like it longer too. But it's not so bad as it might seem. I just posted a second pic. Have a look!
GAH Noel has a short haircut!
It's not so bad as it might seem. I just posted a second pic. Have a look!
Noel looks great! which i love even more now after that dreadful summer hair of his ))
Yah, the blond did NOT work. Poor dear.

btw, I just posted a second pic. Have a look!
Oh dear! You made my day! He looks like a blueberry lollypop ))

Black shoes?? Have he finally completely ruined THE silver chelsea ones? )
A blueberry lollipop? Ooooh, I like that!

Poor guy, not allowed anything but silver anymore? I think the black looks good with this ensemble! Isn't enough that he's carrying a purse? :-P
They do look good, that's just a sarcastic remark )
But it really felt like he grew in those boots )

Yah, I agree.
Okay this is nothing short of adorable!
IKR? And he posted on Twitter about how much fun he had. Yay.

btw, I just posted a second pic. Come have a look!
Aaah thanks for the heads up! I think the short hair looks quite nice, actually. He's looking great!
I think I owned that velvet sweatshirt in 2nd grade...
:gigglesnort: It is pretty hideous, IMO.
He looks like his mum dropped him off at gymnastics practice. Gonna try some tumbles today, Noel?
LOLOL. You're terrible! There's another shot of him up with it pulled way down (I'm guessing it's one of those tops that keeps creeping up on ya) and his legs look half the length. Oh well, at least it's not a v-neck.


October 3 2010, 06:18:15 UTC 6 years ago

do people ever check, they have everything on there... this picture is taken from there i believe.
TBH, I rarely check that site. I find it unwieldy, difficult to navigate. I've got a Tumblr now and things get reposted there.