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So who else is watching Noel on the Big Fat Quiz of the Year? What do we think?
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I think I'm in the US and totally missing the party. Hmph.
what do you think so far? )
I liked when Noel talked about the chewing gum being his. Otherwise I am unimpressed.

I am much, much more impressed by your icon and the use of the name Aloysius. That's fantastic.
i'm afraid, i can't comment on that one, 'cause i'm in Russia and will be able to watch it only when some kind soul rips it and uploads somewhere :) however, it seems like i'm not missing much. thanks for sharing :)

haha, oh, thank you! and your icon is fabulous, i absolutely loooove that scene. it's fantastic to see people who dig, pardon my language, old-school Brideshead :) Sebastian outglows-impresses-charms practically everybody and everything :) have you seen the movie, btw? what did you make of it?
Aw! I wish I could help you out by ripping it but I have no idea how that works. The quizzes tend to show up online fairly quickly in my experience though.

Oh my gosh, I love that icon even more! I really, really love the oringinal dramatisation of Brideshead: everything about it is so perfect and so wonderful. I love the book as well, though they both make me cry.

I'm afraid I haven't seen the movie: I saw the trailer and found it slightly horrifying, so I didn't watch the film at all. Did you see it?
it's alright, i've no clue whatsoever how it works as well. indeed, they appear online ridiculously quickly, good times! )

spot on, those mini-series are brilliant, as well as the book. you've said it all :)

heh, i didn't see the trailer, just stumlbes across the movie and decided to watch it. i've got quite mixed feelings about it. it's quite clear that it's director's vision of the book and whatnot, but really, Ben Whishaw as Sebastian? yes, he's a good actor, but Sebastian? Anthony Andrews just stiole the part and i can't really see anybody else performing it as brilliantly and, more importantly, brilliantly ballanced. Whishaw's Seb is sometimes just so over the top. Mathew Goode was good, convincing is the word i guess. but Emma Thompson, now she was magnificent Lady Marchmain! in general it's a nice movie if you forget about the mini-series and partially the book and just try to treat it as just a film. beautiful picture and rich colours, the music was great (!), the most annoying thing was that they focused on the "love-triangle", and there was too much Julia to my liking :) she even went with them to Venice, how do you like that? except for Julia, Seb who was even more flamboyant than mini-series Anthony Blanche, it's worth watching. besides, to cram all the themes, events, etc. in two hours wouldn't be even possible. the main thing is not to compare it to the book and the mini-series :)
Too much Julia sounds bad! I don't really like the idea of her in Venice. It just seems so pointless to me to make a film out of it when it was already dramatised so... perfectly. I'm glad there were some good aspects to it, though, I guess. I'm not sure I could stop thinking about the book and mini-series--usually when I see films that are based on books I can see the film as good film seperate from the source material (if it *is* a good film of course)--but I just love this series so much that I don't know if I could do that.
yes, Venice wasn't such a bright idea at all. the good thing about it all is that maybe after seeing this film people would want to find the mini-series or even read the book. maybe it's one of the reasons why it was made in the 1st place :)! your icon is a killer! now how can i get back to writing my damn essay after seeing that :D
and here's one of the main themes - , a beautiful piano piece
if anything, the new BFQOTY is on thebox tracker already :)
now that was quick :)) thank you!
I watched it last night and just posted two screen caps before seeing this entry.

I LOVED IT. Though, Ayoade is so stiff Noel had nowhere to put his hands all evening. :-P

I loved the bit about the wasp. And Noel = Severus Snape. And the drug jokes. And the chocolate frog. And yah, this was so much fun I can't wait to watch it again. It showed up on the Box super quickly too.

Also? Jonathan Ross looks amazing with facial hair! He looks 10 years younger, I swear. And my new favorite word just might be "Vajazzler."
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