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BFQotY 2010

Happy New Year! WHAT a way to start 2011, right?

My holiday gift to the comm: two ovary-exploding pics from BFQotY 2010

Tell me you all watched it last night?
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Yep, had that on...;) Missed Russ. But otherwise, I think all the contestants were people I generally like, only Michael McIntyre slightly less so, but I did like him the first time I saw him and he was quite sweet with Alan Carr. And Noel with Richard Ayoade was a good pairing. :)
I just don't like Jimmy Carr that much...;)
Agreed that Russell was missed. I even got a little miffed at first when he didn't mention Noel during his guest appearance, but he made up for it after. And OMG the gum under the seat!!!!!!!!!!! One day the Goth Detectives shall be reunited. He did ok paired with Ayoade, but since he's so reserved Noel had nowhere to put his hands all night! Did you notice Noel kept moving further away from him and getting sort of smaller and more tucked in as the night wore on? Ayoade was verrrry quick and clever, though. I admire his brain like whoa.

I'm not a fan of Michael McIntyre. I don't find him terribly funny and he seems dull. But he was ok with Alan.

I rather enjoyed Jimmy Carr this year. Somehow, Noel seemed up to the task of Jimmy taking the piss out of him. He shot back some good lines instead of smiling shyly. They are friends IRL, so it's all in fun. Is Jimmy too mean for your tastes?
Yes I was upset about Russ not mentioning Noel at first too! and surprised! But yeah, he did mention him afterwards. It's really a shame they never did any DVDs of the two Goth Detective charity shows, I didn't manage to get to either of them and there's never been much footage on youtube. :(
I'm not entirely sure why I don't like Jimmy Carr that much, I just never really did. Occasionally I do find him funny as well though and he's definitely better than say Jack Whitehall, who I basically think is a tosser.
I know, it seems the charity would have made money hand over fist with that DVD. Bits and bobs on YouTube is all we get. :'(

Jack Whitehall is definitely a tosser.

btw, can't resist asking - did you see my Howince fic is up?
Oh yeah, they would have made a load, which is why I don't understand why they never made a DVD out of either show. :( I don't even know anyone who went. :(
I'm not really into fic so that was why I didn't comment on yours...please don't take it personally, just fic isn't my thing.
Nor do I know anyone who went. D:

And I completely understand about fics. Either you read 'em or you don't. No worries!
Wonderful pics!
:-) Hey you!

Thanks, I needed that.

I'm a gonna look for the link to this lovely event I seem to have missed.
Heee, you're welcome! :)

It's not up with genrespanner yet, but I downloaded it from The Box (my friends and I call that site Jacques LeCube). I'm certain it's up elswhere.
I've already been all over your tumblr and seen the eye candy there! Noel was looking extra gorgeous for the quiz and yes, seemed a bit lost without Russell but as much as I miss them being together, I like seeing Noel on his own because it becomes really clear how clever he is (not that we didn't know that already!).

I never used to like Michael M but I have to say his style has grown on me and he cracked me up several times on the quiz. Actually, there wasn't anyone who didn't make me laugh a LOT this time. I'm definitely going to have it on repeat for a while.

Thanks for sharing, here and on Tumblr : )
OMFG tumblr is like CRACK. And yes, we got a double-barreled dose of extra-gorgeous Noelness.

I had a look and see we are indeed friended over there. Should do so here too?

This round was particularly good. Everyone was rather into it, though I was surprised that Carr took the questions as seriously as he did.

Always happy to share the joy! :)
Oh Tumblr, too addictive! I wish you could comment like lj though, I'm not a fan of the reposting thing to 'chat'. Still, that's what lj is for : )

Have friended you. Yay!

True, he was very school masterly (so perfect when Noel and Richard started talking to him like he was, too!). : )
I completely agree about the reposting to comment thing. Oh well, that's why we have LJ and FB. Tumblr is just for teh pretty.

So, are you on an actual Roller Derby league now? Oh, I guess I should look at your LJ again to ask that question. :o)

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It's my absolute pleasure! And I know what you mean. DISTRAAAAAAAAAAACTIONG.

My tumblr is and I pretty much post about 97% Noel/Ju/Boosh there at this time.

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So what is yours then?