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The Original Noel Fielding fan community
I have created this community for people to come together and worship the loveliness that is Noel Fielding.

Post pictures, reviews, info, fan fic, porn of Noel fan art, and any other Noel related stuff.

A few rules:

*Please stay on topic. Non-Noel posts will be deleted.

*This community does not endorse illegal downloads.

*All images should go behind cuts. One small image can go before a cut, but any more should go behind a cut. This is to save messy friends pages.

*Disabling comments is pointless. This is a community, so posting things, disabling comments and flouncing away is a slightly fruitless activity. Don't do it. Don't freeze threads either.

*Same goes for deleting posts and other people's comments. If any comments or posts needs to be deleted, the mod will handle it. Do not do it please. The only exemption to this rule is if you have posted something in error, you may delete your comment yourself, but an explaination wouldn't go astray!

*BE NICE. I don't tolerate aggression or abuse to anyone in this community. People breaking this rule will be banned.

*If you're posting icons etc, please only post ones with Noel in, or ones related to programmes etc he's been in. I'm a little tired of enormous posts with lots of icons in from every film and band under the sun, and only a small percentage are Noel. JUST POST THE RELEVANT ONES PLEASE.

"I'm like Mowglli in flares"

Communities of note:


We love http://noelfielding.org/ :D

Created by, maintained and moderated by wicked_sky Any questions/queries/problems just ask.