Perkele-x-Enkeli (perkelexenkeli) wrote in noelfielding,

Goth Detectives are at it again

Noel Fielding and Russell Brand, together once more...

On 12th October the radio-waves welcomed the return of former Casanova, Russell Brand, as he begun releasing a series of Podcasts for Talk Sport Radio. The second instalment of the show was released 15th October and it was a pleasant and unexpected surprise to hear Noel make a short appearance via the talky stick!

Earlier this month, Brand asked his listeners via twitter, who they would like guest-wise on his show, his feed was flooded with requests for the Goth Detectives to reunite and now they have, as they have a light hearted discussion about Russell's engagement, how to protect yourself from ghosts and of course... glory holes!

Have a listen to hear the first reunion of the androgynous duo, since their last appearance together on Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2008!

Noel makes his appearance around 37 minutes into the show and in the uncut version, around 42 minutes and 25 seconds in.

Source: The Velvet Onion
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